Alexander Ebrahimzadeh


As a child growing up in Iran, during the summer, my brother Victor and I would camp out in the garden under the glimmering sky. Every night I would stare at the sky with amazement and I would have a million questions about the universe. In the morning I would be back on Earth with the crow of the cock from the neighbor's garden. This experience led to my emotional attachment to nature and the universe.

My first birthday gift that left a lasting memory was a pinhole camera. Wow! I was able to capture nature in my amazing "box". This experience had a defining effect on my adult life, culminating in the graduate study of physics and photography in New York City.

I utilize the "naked eye" technique of photography, therefore no tripods, no color filters and no editing. My approach to photography spans realism to abstraction. I aim to capture the beauty of nature as seen in varying lights, angles and distances. My subjects range from awe-inspiring rock formations to beautiful compositions created by light rays and our surroundings. I hope my photos transmit this spark to the viewer.